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PhD, Andrea Barbanti
Research Manager
Has a PhD in Earth Sciences and a background in environmental geochemistry and coastal oceanography. He is Research Manager at National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR ... -ISMAR), where he develops science-to-policy activities and research initiatives promoting Blue Growth at national and EU level, focusing on the Mediterranean basin. He is member of the Project Management Team of BLUEMED Coordination and Support Action and coordinator of the BLUEMED Policy Platform. He is coordinating or is involved since 2012 in several National and European projects dealing with Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) (e.g. RITMARE, ADRIPLAN, MUSES, SUPREME, SIMWESTMED, CO-EVOLVE, PORTODIMARE, PHAROS4MPAs, ITEM, MSPMED), developing and testing approaches and tools for MSP in the Adriatic-Ionian Region and the Mediterranean and supporting in all aspects the MSP implementation process. Since 2019 he is National Focal Point for the UNESCO/IOC-DG MARE MSPglobal Initiative.
PhD, Alessandro Sarretta
Degree in Environmental Sciences, Master in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, PhD in Environmental Sciences. Researcher at CNR-ISMAR from 2012 and CNR-IRPI ... from 2019, previously grant holder at Joint Research Centre of European Commision at ISPRA (VA). Working on Coastal and Marine Environments, Maritime Spatial Planning, Decision Support tools, Spatial data Infrastructures, Research Data Management, Standards and Interoperability, Open Science

PhD, Stefano Menegon
Stefano is an Environmental Engineer with a PhD in Information Technology for Environmental Science. He is an expert on environmental and predictive modelling, geospatial analysis, ... geostatistics, complex data integration, data sharing strategies, interoperable infrastructure and collaborative geospatial web applications. Currently he is senior research-technologist at CNR Institute of Marine Science (Venice, Italy) working on the design and development of geospatial tools to support Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) activities and, more in general, in translating environmental challenges into data-driven models and tools. Since 2013, he is coordinating the development of the Tools4MSP modelling framework.
Dr. Amedeo Fadini
PhD Student
Work experience in computer science the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) planning and cartography, especially in the Public Sector. Bachelor degree in Communication Science ... (2006) and Master’s degree in GIS and Remote Sensing (2014) qualified as Land Planner (2016). As a GIS analyst and developer works mainly on data infrastructure, maintenance, design and upgrade alongside the development and implementation on web based support tools. Is currently enrolled as a PhD student with the IUAV University in Venice.

Elisabeth De Maio
Research Assistant
Research assistant at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Italian National Research Council (CNR ISMAR, Venice) with a master degree in biology. She's currently working on development of ... web-based tools to support management and publication of oceanographic and ecological data.
PhD, Elena Gissi
Elena Gissi, PhD, Senior Researcher, is visiting scholar at Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Station, USA. She was awarded of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship by the European ... Commission with her project MEDIX “Marine Environmental DynamIcs and seX-based analysis for climate change adaptation in marine spatial planning” (2020-2023). Her research focuses on understanding and modelling the responses to climate change of marine life at multiple levels of biological diversity, to incorporate this knowledge in marine management and CC adaptation and mitigation. She has over a decade of research experience in producing and integrating ecological knowledge and insights in decision making processes. She has applied her findings in marine spatial planning, and also in environmental and energy planning. She was Assistant Professor at the University Iuav of Venice, where she coordinated the local research units in many research projects (e.g., ADRIPLAN, SUPREME, SIMWESTMED). Among others, she designed and coordinated the Interreg Europe Project IRENES “Integrating RENewable energy and Ecosystem Services in environmental and energy policies”, and the Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning. She holds the Italian National Habilitations as Associate Professor in Ecology and Spatial Planning.

Emiliano Ramieri
Has a Degree in Environmental Sciences and is Research Manager at the National Research Council – Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR). His research mainly focus on science to policy and ... science to practices projects and activities at the national, Mediterranean and EU level, specifically dealing with Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Land-Sea Interactions (LSI), sustainable blue economy and climate change adaptation (in particular in coastal and marine areas). Since 2011, he has been involved in several MSP and ICZM projects, as SHAPE, MUSES, SUPREME, SIMWESTMED, MASRPLAN-BS, EU MSP Platform, PHAROS4MPAs and MSPMED. Since 2011 to 2021 he has been member of the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Adaptation of the EEA, in particular contributing to the development of the EU Climate-ADAPT platform. He is also experienced in regional (Mediterranean Sea) and sub-regional cooperation (Adriatic-Ionian region) on above topics.
Sofia Bosi
Research Assistant
Research assistant at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISMAR) in Venice with a Master’s degree in Physical Oceanography. She specialised in the study ... of particle dispersal at the ocean surface using Lagrangian particle tracking, with a focus on the effects of Stokes drift on particle transport. Currently working on the design, development and application of decision support tools for the assessment of the cumulative impacts of natural and anthropogenic pressures in the marine environment, as well as development of risk analysis and assessment of future scenarios, adaptive planning and management measures.

Laura Gusatu
Research Assistant
Degree in Urban Design and Planning and Master in Territorial Planning and Regional Development. Currently finalizing her PhD in Spatial and Environmental Planning of offshore renewable ... energy infrastructure, with a focus on offshore wind farm deployment in the North Sea basin. The PhD project was part of the ENSYSTRA research consortium, under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie research an d innovation programme.
Matteo Ranalli
Research Assistant
Matteo Ranalli (Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth and Master's Degree in Innovation and Development) has extensive experience in sustainable blue economy policies, gained ... through participation in projects and programs in collaboration with private sector, government institutions, research organizations, and consulting companies. His activities cover both integrated policy aspects, such as maritime spatial planning and marine environment protection, and sectoral aspects, particularly in the areas of maritime transport, fishing, and tourism. He has participated in numerous projects on the Mediterranean, European, and global scales, for Disney Cruise Line, Ecorys, the University of Cagliari, EMFF/EASME, and the Minorca Environmental and Social Observatory.


Andrea Tonon and Filippo Bonetto
Internship Trainees
Interns at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Italian National Research Council (CNR ISMAR, Venice) studying Data Science at Ca'Foscari University in Venice. They are working on a ... web application that can help researchers filter AIS data.

Former Members

PhD, Elisabetta Manea
PostDoc-Research Fellow
Dr. Alessandro Mulazzani
Chiara Venier
Research Assistant
PhD, Daniel Depellegrin
Research Assistant
Andrea Vianello
Research Assistant
PhD, Giulio Farella
Research Assistant
Agnese Cosulich
Research Assistant